Monday, July 30, 2007

Hi there!

I wanted to create a separate blog to keep people up to date on Queens of King's news and progress. So, here it is.

Status report: It's midsummer, and I've been a slacker. Boo, bad me, I know. I have two projects that need attention: Episode 5, and a special feature that will probably be Episode 4.5 if I ever get off my tush and DO it. Audio is finished for both of them, as is 'primary filming'. It's down to doing the actual demoediting and then cranking them to video. Y'know, the time-consuming part. :P

Personal stuff: Life's been hectic here at the studio. There's a lot of complicated stuff going on in the family, and our weekends have been crazymadbusy. This past Saturday was the first day Rob and I weren't committed to something big. We sat and watched a lot of TV. It was bliss. I'm hoping to start motivating my sorry self this week, though, and will stop being intimidated by my own projects.

Tech stuff: I'll probably be moving exclusively to YouTube hosting instead of having to upload it ninety million places every episode. The RSS feed will still be available; it'll just bring you to the Tube instead of to an independently-hosted video. There's other reasons I'm doing this, but the massive pain-in-the-booty is the prevailing one.

Thanks for reading, and thanks for watching!

--Liz Reay