Sunday, October 17, 2010

Blowing off the dust

Hey there!

Wow, haven't posted here in an age... So, a quick update!

Current projects:

1. Nightmare Fuel Theater: a new series over at that focuses on children's films from the 70's and 80's that are moderately to seriously effed-up. Thus far, we've done Watership Down and The Water Babies; expect an episode on a certain mouse-based bit of terror coming up by month's end. (For info on why that one's delayed, check out the Nightmare Fuel blog at

2. Queens of Kings: Insert hearty sigh here. It is with a heavy heart that I have to confess, QoK in its current incarnation is a dead project. However, I want to complete the story. I NEED to complete the story. I just don't have the days upon days of time to sit and program with my current schedule. So, instead, the upcoming episodes will be done in comic form...possibly even motion-comic form. A format that involves a lot less animation, but still conveys the remainder of the tale. I should be able to start work on that towards the end of November, and hopefully will get it completed by spring.

3. Roller Derby Non-Skating Official Manual Project: I will finally be getting a place to post all of the RCRD NSO manuals that'll be easy to link to! HUZZAH! I have a full set of manuals updated to the June 2010 ruleset. I've also completed a Head NSO Workbook. The workbook is a collection of checklists I use to deal with bouts, from pre-bout staffing and equipment requirements to post-bout stats. It also has copies of my general email to the volunteers and my pre-bout NSO meeting script. This will also be up.

4. YAY! My husband is the bestest ever! For my birthday this year, he bought me my own domain! Even better, our friend Chris Pallace is designing the site. You can check out a sneak preview of what he's doing for me at . This blog will be linked up there, as will all of the rest of my projects.

5. Other: So, um... I hemmed and hawed about posting this, but hell, I'm happy with the quality... I write fanfiction, sometimes. Not just City of Heroes stuff. I have a series of Mass Effect fanfiction. It gets a bit smutty, so it's NSFW on the whole, but a couple of the stories are clean. Well, cleanER, anyways. These stories caught the attention of a writer for Official XBox Magazine. So, there's an article coming out in the December issue that he interviewed me for. I'm a tad nervous. Hopefully I don't come across as a total wiener. (If you want to check out the stories, they're posted under the name Liz Carter at Like I said, there is mature content in most of them, but "Encounter at Rashomon Valley," "Field Trip" and "Kiss the Cook" are pretty safe. Hot turian-on-human action in the rest, though. Be afraid.)

So, that's the list of what's going on in Crazy Raven Land! Hope to see you at Nightmare Fuel Theater, and at!