Tuesday, August 21, 2007


Bad news. I can't find the audio file for Episode 5 anywhere. This means that it's hiding on the hard drive, deleted/saved over, or I flaked and didn't actually do the Ep 5 audio when I thought I did. Grrrr! Setback! So, I'm going to be working on that today. Grumble.


Yaksman said...

Take your time and have fun doing it. We'll still be waiting. And we're not the least bit nervous about what happens to Yar. Not at all. We're quite patient and calm. Just because she charged into about a zillion Vahz without her Defender, and she can't be very high level yet, they're probably conning white or yellow to her, where the heck is a tank when you need one.....

So um ... yeah, take your time.

Rick said...

Hate it when that happens.